dancing goddess5


Writer & Poet
Singer & Speaker
Intuitive Mystic & Healer
Passion Bringer & Joy Maker
Crystal Wisdom Reader
Tribe Maker
Mind, Body, and Soul Coach

The words came carelessly, quickly, and exuberantly out of her mouth, shocking all within earshot of such verbal explosion. “You talk too much. Please be quiet. You always have something to say don’t you?” These were things she heard frequently but it did not quiet her mouth, nor did it squelch the fire burning in her soul that urged her to use words as catalysts for healing and love.

I’ve been a journal keeper for 25 years, dabbled in poetry, and been a freelance copywriter by trade for 8 years. I love anything metaphysical, quantum physical, esoteric, or energy related. I spend my time meditating, reading, yoga, and creating music. I am a powerfully healing and sensual spirit of light with a divine purpose in this lifetime here on Earth.

The last twelve years of my life included an increase food allergies and sensitivities, exposure to mold, and contracting Lyme disease through a tick bite. My life was turned upside down when treatment for Lyme, co-infections, and degrading body systems left me with years of physical pain. Not to mention minus thousands of dollars. It’s been a journey and I’ve learned a whole lot about the external and internal processes of caring for a body that is under microscopic attack and how that affects the mind, moods, and personality. I am making my mess my message as I offer my services to the community for healing so we Embody Wellness in mind, body, and souls.

The Groovy Goddess is a place to gain insight and wisdom for awakening to a better self, and a better world. The more we explore the inner recesses of ourselves, the more we discover that we are infinite beings capable of much more divinity than we give ourselves credit for. I believe in the power we have to create better things for our lives than what we might currently be experiencing. Our world is experiences so much strife, oppression, hate and war, that people are starting to wake up. We are awakening to a more divine sense of being that includes love, unity, health, and shared power. As we connect with each other on a global scale, as well as incorporate deeper ways of being, we are shifting paradigms and changing the world.

It starts with me. It starts with you.
It starts in the hearts of all of us. The more we practice self awareness and remembrance of who we really are, the more positive change we will see within ourselves, our families, our communities, our nations, and the world.

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