A la carte Coaching

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Sometimes you need just a little bit of help. Why spend exorbitant amounts of money on large programs when all you need is a little boost? Select any of the topics here and let me coach you in your life at an affordable rate.
$39.99 per hour (plus tax)

Ayurveda Digestion and Nutrition


Do you experience gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, or other intestinal symptoms? What if I told you that you could use food and herbs to bring balance to not only your body, but to your mind as well?
The right foods for your constitution are essential for health and wellness. Find out what foods you can use as medicine to ease your symptoms.


Embodying Wellness in Relationships



Are you experiencing difficulties in your romantic relationship? That’s perfectly normal, but it is also fairly common for relationships to fall apart from some very basic breakdowns.
If you and your partner could use some counseling and unique tips on how to have a happy, healthy relationship, this this a la carte item is for you.



The Language of Abundance

Words are extremely powerful. Would you like to learn how to speak and write the most powerfully affirmative statements to create the life you want? Perhaps you own a business that you’d like some help creating powerful statements for. Whatever your reason, this coaching will teach you the skills you need to remove negative language from your vocabulary and replace them with higher vibrational words.