Embodying Wellness Support Group

This women’s group, with a metaphysical, esoteric, and holistic focus is for those who are seeking a safe and supportive place to navigate their physical illnesses. We offer solution oriented discussion and loving acceptance. Find support here, as well as resources for all kinds of physical, mental, and spiritual healing. We commit to adhering to the laws of love and light so we might learn how to be better versions of ourselves. We are here to EMBODY WELLNESS during illness.


What This Group IS

~ A safe place to give and receive support from other women. Share our struggles, triumphs and journey with the group.

~ A place to learn new techniques, treatments, and healing modalities to assist us on our paths.

~ A way to be EMPOWERED for our healing journeys.

~ A group which will hold us accountable for how we show up for our lives.

~ A place to learn how to live life more fully, honestly, and accountably.

What This Group IS NOT:

~ A place for consistent complaints, feeding off of pity, or remaining in victim mentality.

~ An outlet for negativity.


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