Crystal Wisdom Readings

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Selecting a few powerful crystals to cast upon one or two healing wheels begins your unique and intuitive reading. This assists you with specific energies at work your life, your body, and your energy fields.

The Healing Wheel shows where imbalances are in your chakras, the 5 elements, and the 6 realms of consciousness. When imbalances are experienced here, there are a range of physical and emotional symptoms that appear. Suggestions for bringing these areas into balance will be given so you can begin a healing process.

The Life Wheel combines powerful symbols in 12 areas that activate your inner wisdom to give you insight into the energies that are at work in your life. It is helpful in showing you what you might want to work on, what to watch out for, and what the underlying tones are in your life.

Sacred Crystal Reading $20
The 20 minute Sacred Reading is performed with 3 crystals of your choice on the Healing Wheel OR the Life Wheel.


Divine Crystal Reading $45
The 45 minute Divine Reading is performed with 4-5 crystals on BOTH the Healing and Life Wheels.


Trinity Crystal Reading $75
The 60 minute Trinity Reading is performed with 5 crystals on BOTH the Life and Healing Wheels, and includes an emailed customized Healing Protocol. The Protocol consists of a written summary of your reading, as well as a detailed list of healing modalities to assist you.



Questions About Crystal Wisdom Readings?

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