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Core Essentials for Embodying Wellness
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The Wild Women Symposium is an empowerment and education weekend bringing together women from all walks of life, experiences, and backgrounds from all across the United States. Amazing teachers and facilitators who specialize in the intuitive arts, healing modalities, fitness, nutrition, and movement have come together to share their gifts and knowledge during this event.

Designed exclusively for women, this event will awaken your wild side and allow you to discover the beauty and divinity of being a woman. It is through the safety and connection with other women in open-hearted environments that we learn to connect to our deepest selves.




Our weekend offers a variety of classes and readings for you to experience.

Core Essentials for Embodying Wellness

Living with chronic mental or physical illness is one of the most challenging things we can experience. It affects our moods, our personalities, our relationships, and our entire lives!

Do you feel that you could benefit from more Wellness within yourself and your life in general ? Do you find that your body creates a struggle in your daily life? Is your happiness, job, or family suffering under the weight of your physical or mental pain or illness? Would you like to learn how to embody more wellness in your life so you live with more quality OF life?

Attend this workshop to learn the techniques I’ve applied to my daily life to make dealing with chronic pain more of a bearable experience.

This workshop will cover Core Essentials for Embodying Wellness.

Learn how to :

  • Use language and thoughts to create healing energy.
  • Raise your energetic vibration & learn healing meditations.
  • Use daily practices and rituals for more balance in your life.
  • Take accountability for your body and break any victim mentalities.
  • and more…


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