What’s In My Food?!


Most of us know that many ingredients in packaged food aren’t good for us, but what about all the others? When I began my journey with higher vibrational food, I learned that a lot of what is on ingredient labels was like Greek to me. Over 7 years I’ve learned what common ingredients are put into processed foods, how they harm the body, as well as those that aren’t so dangerous. I’d like to share some of this research with you.

Come learn how to read the ingredient labels of the packaged food you buy. What in the world is TBHQ or Sodium Benzoate? Are they harmless ingredients or hiding toxicity? Come find out!

You probably already know about the importance of eating well. We really are what we eat. If you are dealing with any number of illnesses, then you know that proper nutrition is essential for less inflammation, more energy, and a healthier body overall.

  • Learn how to go into a store and pick the best products for you within a few seconds of scanning the labels.
  • Decipher some common harmful ingredients are and how they damage the body.
  • Take home a cheat sheet to keep in your wallet for quick reference at the grocery store.
  • Feel confident in the foods you buy for yourself and your family.
  •  Let me help take the confusion out of ingredients that are hard to pronounce, much less read!