Can We Learn to Live Without This Shadow?


Female Portrait by Hannes Caspar
Female Portrait by Hannes Caspar

The shadow of femininity incorporates the many different types of oppression that the feminine world has experienced for thousands of years. This shadow houses the pain from women being owned, sold, abused, denied, shut out, shushed up, or brushed aside as “too soft” and not worthy.

As women come to light their own inner beacons of passion and love for the world, the shadow of femininity will fade. I speak of the darkness that the female spirit has experienced through the history of this Earth. A new time is dawning for the feminine to rise and step into her power to heal the world with her compassion, nurturing, and intuition.

However, the biggest tragedy of the shadow of a woman is the shadow she creates for herself; the shadow she still clings to. After hundreds of thousands of years of sexual, physical, and political oppression, women are waking up and stepping out. It all sounds great in theory, but until women can embrace themselves and all they are, healing will not happen. Healing families, communities, nations, continents and the entire world cannot happen if healing does not first start within.

  • Are you dragging around your own self-created shadow?
  • Does she haunt your footsteps with feelings of guilt, shame, or lack of self-worth?
  • Can you look at her in the eyes and love her enough to let her go?
  • Can you let your light shine upon her so you are forever free?

It is possible to climb out of the darkness, but we must be willing to love ourselves first and foremost. Speak your truths, stand your ground, set your boundaries, do what you love, listen to your heart and your soul, and do not associate with those who say that you mustn’t, or shouldn’t.

The Light of the Woman gains in strength with each woman that decides to embrace self-love and healing for her life. Let us own our feminine power and walk forward confidently into this new age of feminine grace.

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